Future of Dismas


Dismas, Inc. is a 45 year-old nonprofit organization that is focused on supporting the formerly incarcerated population. Our mission is to offer resources to that population that will empower them in sustaining a lifestyle that is conducive to being a law-abiding, productive citizen. Studies show that the clients who have successfully completed our program have a 20% recidivism rate. We annually receive over 350 applications from inmates requesting our services. Our current infrastructure only affords us the capacity to serve 20 clients per year.  We must expand our facilites to better serve a larger population of former offenders as they transition from incarceration.

Expansion Project

2424 Charlotte Ave. - Nashville TN, 37203


Dismas’ expansion project has been in the planning stages for over two years and we have defined this project as follows:

  • 4-story, 22,000 sq. ft. facility. This project is new a construction build. We have identified a plot of land, hired an architect as well as a general contractor. 
  • 3 of the 4 floors will accommodate 76 clients with double and single-occupancy lodging.
  • First floor is designed for programming, client services and office space for full and part- time staff members.
  • We have developed a staff performa that will consist of 19 employees who will oversee executive, administrative, and direct service responsibilities.
  • Estimated annual operating budget of $2.6 million dollars
  • Construction on the new campus began in December 2018. We are preparing for the Grand Opening of the new Dismas House campus in April 2020.

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Current Programming Model

  • Housing
    • Dismas is able to meet the most basic needs of men exiting incarceration by providing them with clothing, food and shelter
  • Family Atmosphere
    • One of the more unquantifiable aspects of the Dismas program, is our ability to provide a family structure to our residents
  • Clinical Support
    • Through relationships forged with local partner agencies Dismas is able to provide comprehensive clinical support to its residents in the following areas:
      • Mental Health, Physical Health, and Vision
  • Case management
    • Residents partake in weekly case management sessions focused on achieving tangible goals and progressing every single week that they participate in the program.
  • Life Skills Development
    • Residents develop how to have healthy and positive social interaction through “Life Skills in Action”
  • Financial Management
    • Dismas aims to have all residents complete the program with a clear understanding of various financial endeavors

Current Program Partners

  • Mental and Physical Health:
    • Mercury Court Clinic (physical exam and STD panels)
    • Bernard Health (health insurance enrollment) 
    • Family Reconciliation Center (mental health assessments and follow ups)
    • Neighborhood Health 8th Ave location (free healthcare and prescription drugs)
    • Tennessee Justice Center (health insurance advocacy)
  • Employment:
    • Goodwill Industries
    • Project Return
    • The HELP Center
  • Financial Management:
    • SunTrust Bank
    • Stifle Group
    • 5/3 Bank
  • Education: 
    • Nashville Public Library
    • Nashville Community Education
    • Nashville Adult Literacy Council