What We Do

The Dismas Model is based around what we refer to as our Four Pillars of Programming.

Pillars of Programming


We provide shelter, food, clothing and transportation for residents.


Our residents receive physical, dental, and vision exams and benefit from weekly trauma-informed individual and group therapy, as well as addiction support through daily 12-step meetings. Wellness classes like yoga, CrossFit, and daily meditation are provided to practice mindfulness and improve physical and mental well-being. Skill-based groups, like Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) help residents practice emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness, and distress tolerance skills.


Case managers work with residents on short and long-term goals, transition plans, gaining employment and achieving academic goals such as HiSET and college degree completion or vocational certification. Job readiness training is provided through our partnership with Project Return. Weekly finance and technology classes help residents gain financial literacy and become prepared to join the 21st century workforce.


Through our partnership with the Legal Aid Society, we help residents with a number of matters including expungements, restoration of voting rights, reducing court fines and fees, and resolving child support and custody issues. In addition, we have an attorney who works with every resident on driver’s license restoration.


Todd.jpgEdward - Dismas has so many relationships and we benefit from them so much. The best part about it is, they don’t necessarily hinder us, they are a platform for us to get to the next level.

JoshJosh - I was honestly frustrated to be told I had to go to a halfway house. I thought, I will do the 90 days and get out. But, within 2-3 days of being here I knew I was going to stay as long as I could. This campus is beautiful, it feels like you're in a home and not in an institution anymore.

Rich-dismas.jpgCalvin - I can’t believe how much the Dismas staff care about my success, it really does make me feel like we’re all family.