Why Support Dismas

Mission & Vision

Dismas, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit transitional housing program that serves individuals recently released from incarceration.  Our ultimate goal is for those we serve to remain free from incarceration by becoming self-sufficient, contributing members of society.  It is our family-oriented, holistic approach that makes the Dismas model unique.  From the moment a new resident walks through the door until the day they leave, Dismas is "home" to our residents - they are "family" forever.

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Programming Model

Since 1974, Dismas has given a second chance to more than 1,000 former offenders during their transition back into mainstream society. Our holistic programming model addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of returning citizens by providing:

  • Housing & Basic Needs including food, clothing, and shelter
  • Family Atmosphere in which to build a caring, positive support system
  • Case Management Services that focus on attaining tangible goals such as securing identification and other vital documents needed for employment and access to eligible social services as well as permanent housing
  • Clinical Services that address physical and mental well-being as well as substance use disorders and other addictions
  • Financial Empowerment classes that interrupt the poverty-incarceration cycle by teaching the fundamentals of budgeting, savings, taxes, credit repair, homebuying, and investing
  • “Life Skills in Action” programming designed to overcome learned institutional behaviors

Why Give To Dismas?

At least 95% of the 30,000 current inmates in Tennessee will eventually be released.  Without programs like Dismas, former offenders are often forced to return to a detrimental environment and the negative influences that contributed to their incarceration.  On average, nearly one-half of those released in Tennessee will return to incarceration within three years – whereas, 80% of Dismas graduates remain free.  While at Dismas, former offenders are given an opportunity to fulfill their potential as positive members our great community.

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