Nashville Former Offender Admissions


Please review the following before submitting an application - anyone who does not meet our eligibility guidelines will not be accepted.

  • Male, 18 years of age or older
  • Applicant must be within twelve months of release, a hearing, seeking an alternative sentence, or have been released from custody within six months of beginning the admissions process
  • Those who have already been released must be a TDOC supervised resident of Tennessee
  • Priority is given to individuals who resided in Tennessee at the time of their arrest or offended in Tennessee - all other scenarios must be explained to and approved for consideration by the Review Committee prior to submitting an application
  • An applicant registered for a sex offense by any national, state, territorial, or tribal government is ineligible for acceptance
  • Applicants convicted of sexual offenses that do not require registration, arson charges, or child maltreatment charges will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Simultaneous residency will not be granted to charge partners or family members


Applications are prioritized by projected "action date" (i.e. - when an applicant is scheduled to be released, has a scheduled hearing, etc.).  Our admissions process is lengthy; for those who are accepted, the process generally takes at least three months to complete.  We encourage all applicants, especially those who have nearing deadlines, to pursue multiple housing options.  You should not depend solely upon acceptance into Dismas for your "home plan".  Admissions decisions are made by the Review Committee which, meets only once each month.  If you have already been released or are seeking an alternative sentence, we will attempt to expedite the admissions process, but cannot guarantee a decision will be made any more quickly than normal.

Your admissions process will begin when we receive a complete application and consent form.  The application will be reviewed and a decision made to deny acceptance or schedule a first interview.  Though it may take several weeks, all applicants will be notified by mail of the decision.  After the first interview, information collected will again be reviewed and decision will be made to deny acceptance or schedule a second interview.  After the second interview, a final acceptance decision will be made.