What We Do

Pillars of Programming

Housing & Other Basic Needs

By providing shelter, food, and clothing within the first 72 hours following release, Dismas is able to greatly increase the likelihood our residents remain free forever.

A Family Atmosphere

Introducing residents into our caring community of volunteers, program partners, other residents, and staff offers a positive support and accountability.

Clinical Support

Through relationships with local partners, Dismas provides comprehensive support for mental health, substance use disorder, and physical well-being.

Case Management

Weekly one-on-one sessions are time set aside to work on attaining tangible goals such as identification needed for employment, driver's license, government services, employment, and permanent housing.

Life Skills Development

Residents develop healthy social interaction through "Life Skills in Action" activities.

Financial Management

Residents learn to establish solid financial habits and build wealth thru sessions that focus on budgeting & savings, credit repair, taxes, home ownership, and making investments.


Linzer.jpgLinzer struggled to find his way
for months after being released
and before coming to Dismas. As
one of our most recent graduates,
he loaded his belongings into the
back seat of his new car the day
                                     he moved into his new apartment.  


Todd.jpgNot only did Todd continue his
journey of sobriety while at Dismas
he is now counseling others to
follow in his footsteps. 



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