Building a Welcoming & Accountable Community

Dismas House is the power of community at work. With the support of funders, volunteers and partner businesses — we are the first critical step for former offenders in healing and learning. We know after forty years of service that without a safe, loving, nonjudgmental and accountable place they can call home, these men and women are less likely to successfully rebuild their lives.

All too often, men and women preparing to be released from prison are unprepared for the world outside. They have no home, no family, no job, lack of acceptance by society, little help in making a fresh start, and little hope of success.

For them, Dismas House helps to fill all of these needs.

The mission of Dismas House is to bring about mutual reconciliation between former offenders and society through the development of a supportive community characterized by:

  • Students and former offenders living together in a family setting.
  • Active involvement of volunteers from the larger community.
  • A spirit of open and participative decision-making with an emphasis on the common good.