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The modest fees that Dismas House residents pay for their room and board, cover less than one-fourth of the cost of our operations. We depend on grants and charitable giving for the rest.

That makes your gift (including in-kind gifts of food, furniture, supplies and services) critical to our work, and even more appreciated by those we serve.

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Volunteer with Dismas

As integral members of our community, volunteers play a hands-on role in Dismas House’s operations — and in helping our residents become productive citizens again. Every day, you’ll find them here, cooking dinner, helping residents with job placement, and offering counsel and friendship.

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Become a Student Resident

Dismas was founded with the intention of bringing former prisoners together with college students in a familial environment. Today, Student Residents remain central in our mission and vital to our model. As residents, students offer returning citizens a unique support system not found in other programs.

Students themselves are provided a unique opportunity to develop an awareness of social issues while building relationships they will likely carry with them into the future.

Become a Student Resident at Nashville Dismas House

Become a Student Resident at South Bend Dismas House

Hire a Dismas Resident

The most difficult job faced by former offenders can be finding one. Because so many employers will not consider hiring someone with a criminal record, the obstacles faced by former offenders attempting to become productive members of society are especially daunting.  It's one reason why, around the country, so many end up back in prison.

We work to break the cycle with the help of employers that have learned from experience that giving a job to a former offender is about reconciliation as well as being a business decision that benefits all concerned.

Benefits of Hiring a Dismas Resident