Building a Welcoming & Accountable Community

Dismas House is the power of community at work. With the support of funders, volunteers and partner businesses — we are the first critical step for former offenders in healing and learning. We know after forty years of service that with a safe, loving, nonjudgmental and accountable place to call home, these men and women are more likely to successfully rebuild their lives.

Those re-entering society after incarceration face many barriers. In addition to a loving and supportive home, we provide holistic, client-specific services that empower self-sufficiency.  Our program encourages residents to build a positive support system, address addictive behaviors and other medical concerns, achieve financial stability, and secure long-term housing so they will depart Dismas with a greater sense of community, self-worth, and an optimistic outlook. 

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Dismas House is to bring about mutual reconciliation between former offenders and society through the development of a supportive community characterized by:

  • Students and former offenders living together in a family setting.
  • Active involvement of volunteers from the larger community.
  • A spirit of open and participative decision-making with an emphasis on the common good.


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