Dismas, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit transitional housing program that serves individuals recently released from incarceration.  Our ultimate goal is for those we serve to remain free from incarceration by becoming self-sufficient, productive members of society.  It is our family-oriented, holistic approach that makes the Dismas model unique.  From the moment a new resident walks through the door until the day they leave, Dismas is "home" to our residents - they are "family" forever.

The 'Pillars' of Dismas Programming

Housing & Other Basic Needs:  by providing shelter, food, and clothing within the first 72 hours following release, Dismas is able to greatly increase the likelihood our residents remain free forever.

A Family Atmosphere: introducing residents into our caring community of volunteers, program partners, other residents, and staff offers a positive support and accountability.

Clinical Support: through relationships with local partners, Dismas provides comprehensive support for mental health, substance use disorder, and physical well-being.

Case Management: weekly one-on-one sessions are time set aside to work on attaining tangible goals such as identification needed for employment, driver's license, government services, employment, and permanent housing.

Life Skills Development: residents develop healthy social interaction through "Life Skills in Action" activities.

Financial Management: residents learn to establish solid financial habits and build wealth thru sessions that focus on budgeting & savings, credit repair, taxes, home ownership, and making investments.


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